〒516-1305  345 Asoura Minamiise-cho Watarai-gun Mie prefecture

this is the address of yuuei fishing company which runs the guesthouse. After arriving here, let’t walk together. We will take you to Marukinmaru. It takes about 5 minutes.






About 70 minutes from Ise shrine.

Let’s come south of the entrance in Ise.


・If you use a train and bus,

After coming to Ise-shi station(JR・kintetsu), you get on Mie Kotsu Bus. At first, you get off Michikata bus stop. It takes abou 60 minutes. And please get on the bus to Asoura where you get off. It takes 10 minutes.You can enjoy the view of mountains and the sea.

Bus schedule


・If you use your car.

You use Ise-road from Iseseki IC, and please get off Tamaki IC.After that, you can arrive here by 40 minutes. You can use free parking space.