We want to be a fishing boat which connect people with the sea.

Asoura,Minamiise in Mie prefecture is famouse for a fishing village.

We are proud of our lives with the great sea.

But young people have left our town gradually.

We also have the problem which exists in many countrysides in the world.

Then, what is it that we have now?

The sea, the nature, foods, and the connection of the people…

These things are naturally exist, but We think they are the values in the new age.

As fishermen who work on the sea, We want to tell people the connection with the nature.

So We made our Guesthouse.


The origin of  ‘Marukinmaru’

The sea where we work is very dangerous.

It is not always kind, and they sometimes attack us.

So we play for safety of fishers and name fishing boats the word, ‘maru’.

‘maru’ means a circle, in other words, ‘go and come back’.

Marukinmaru is the name of our fishing boat.


What guesthouse do we want to make?

We think and find our important idea.

May the person who came here return again.

The name of Marukimaru means the hope.


Minamiise is the town like this!

Tourism association made a movie.

Please watch it!